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BigWorld Indie Edition

Current Release: V1.9

...for the casual enthusiast and the industrious collective, this is the most inexpensive but also the most limited license. We provide you with pre-compiled tools, the Python source to our Fantasy Demo and related assets. The license allows you to essentially play with the environment and re-skin it, introducing models of your own and modifying some of the basic combat, game rules and terms. Although you don't get access to the C++ source, full Python source is provided. Support is self-help via a forum that we provide.

Pricing: Restrictions: Upgrade path: Who is eligible?
US$299 annually Maximum 10,000 subscribers/accounts, 10% gross royalty on any commercial revenue from the game.
If the annual subscription is not renewed, the license will be terminated. This includes access to support forums, latest builds, server and tools. If the project generates revenue, the royalty in line with the terms of theLicense Agreement remain in effect.
Cannot hold more than one type of license at any one time.
To BigWorld Small Commercial or BigWorld Commercial licenses, less existing license fees paid. Any company with less than 25 contractors, part-time or employees,
< US$200k annual revenues or investor funding
Source Code Provided? Plug-in Support Support Seats Copy Protection?

Entity Persistence

Server Monitoring

Watermark on Client?

Python scripts used by client. FMOD only. Community forums. 25 Yes XML Partial Support Yes


BigWorld Technology Indie Edition is only available to customers from Australia, North American, and Western European countries.

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