Russian (CIS)Korean(Republic of Korea))简体中文Español(Spanish Formal International)Japanese(JP)English (United Kingdom)'s a mad world out there - perhaps you have a pitch for your investor or publisher, or perhaps you are starting your own company and want to bootstrap your way forward - either way, this is your best shot shy of a Commercial License of getting access to BigWorld Technology source code. Source to the client, and tools is provided, both Python and C++, as well as comprehensive documentation. The missing link here vs the commercial package is the server source code, and level of support provided. Support forums are enabled, and you are able to buy direct-interaction support packages for one-on-one time with our developers in blocks of 10 hours. BigWorld Indie Source Edition comes packed with all the plug-ins and extensions available for BigWorld Technology, including: SpeedTree, ScaleForm, Umbra, Dolby Axon, Vivox, Fork Particle.


Pricing: Restrictions: Upgrade path: Who is eligible?
US$2,999 annually Maximum 10,000 subscribers/accounts, 10% gross royalty on any commercial revenue from the game.
If the annual subscription not renewed, access to support forums and latest builds is discontinued. if the project generates revenue, the royalty in line with the terms of the [License Agreement] remain in effect.
Cannot hold more than one type of license at any one time.
To BigWorld Commercial licenses, less existing license fees paid. Any company with less than 25 contractors, part-time or employees,
< US$300k annual revenues or investor funding
Source Code Provided? Plug-in Support Support Seats Copy Protection? Entity Persistence Server Monitoring Watermark on Client?
Python scripts used by client, C++ source to client and tools. All available client plug-ins. Community forums. No XML Partial Support No

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