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The BigWorld MMO Technology Suite is a complete technology solution, consisting of a tightly integrated suite of high performance server applications, tools, advanced 3D client and APIs designed specifically for the fast and efficient creation of MMOGs. We give you the power to focus tightly on your core business of game production, rather than risking your project on uncertain, expensive and time-consuming research & speculative software development.

BigWorld Server: BigWorld’s revolutionary, highly available and dynamically load-balanced server infrastructure allows for the construction of truly massive multiplayer games. Thousands of players, thousands of shards, dynamically created private spaces for self-contained quests; load-balanced on a single server cluster. Regardless of game design requirements, the BigWorld Server provides the complete technology solution for a spectrum of complex needs.

Server Tools: The BigWorld Technology fast, easy-to-use tools for managing the development, testing and live support of MMOGs are provided, along with open access to all databases and a powerful, easy-to-use instrumentation system that allows access to all system data on the client and server.

BigWorld Client: The BigWorld client engine includes an advanced 3D game engine that exploits the power of modern hardware to produce cutting-edge graphics combined with game services such as entity management, collision detection and physics. Services and features are implemented and optimized for online massively multiplayer interaction.

Content Creation Tools: Powerful and intuitive tools are provided to create content in your MMOG. Designed to work in collaborative environments where many people work on the huge content requirements of an MMOG, the BigWorld tool chain allows you to start developing content from day one.

BigWorld Instrumentation: BigWorld’s Instrumentation system offers developers simple, solid tools for routine and efficient collection and analysis of game data.

BigWorld Mobile: A layer built especially for mobile phones and handheld devices enabling integration with the full BigWorld server.

BigWorld Web Player: BigWorld Web Player allows users to access BigWorld-powered titles through their web browsers. Click here for more.