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BigWorld-Powered Games
Below are some of the titles built on BigWorld Technology. The list is not comprehensive, but we feel represents a nice cross-section of the various types of studios and titles that have used our technology in great ways.


  • World of Tanks
    Free-to-Play Tank MMO
    Guinness World Record: Most Concurrent Users on a Server
    Over 3million Registered Users
    Massively Best of E3 Award
  • Copernicus
    Project in Stealth Mode
    Developer: 38 Studios, Curt Shilling
    Writer: R.A. Salvatore
    Creative Director: Todd McFarlane
  • Realm of the Titans
    Realm-Time Strategy/Action RPG
    Based on Warcraft III's "Defense of the Ancients"
    Publisher: Aeria Games
    Isometric, Diablo-Style Interface
  • Virtual Island of Entertainment (VIE)
    3D Virtual World/Social Game
    Developer: enVie Interactive LLC
    Ongoing World Narrative
    Live, Mixed-Reality Events
    Fantasy MMO With Shintoist Themes and Complex Family Systems
    Developer: Userjoy
    Features Animal Castles, Advanced Crafting System
    Anime-Style, Highly-Stylized Visuals & Sound
  • Tian Xia II
    Popular Chinese Fantasy MMO Developed by WoW China Licensee
    Developer: Neatease
    Large-Scale Battle System
    Extremely Popular in China
  • States at War
    Isometric MMO Action RPG
    Developer: Sunhome Entertainment
    Classic Isometric Pre-Rendered Backdrops, Lush Environs
    Users Combine Skills to Become More Effective
  • Kai Xun (Fairy World)
    MMO Set in Alternate-History Ancient China
    Developer: Zhejiang Kai Xun Technology Co., Ltd.
    Themes Mix Taoism & Buddhism
    Presents Quadpartite, Immersive World
  • Secret Kingdoms Online
    Free-to-play mount-combat MMO
    Developer: Globex Studios
    Exec team former Activision/Pandemic vets
    Focusing on Eastern and Western Markets