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Chief Executive Officer - Steve Wang

A co-founder of BigWorld Pty Ltd, Steve has over 20 years of proven production experience, driving games development across multiple platforms and cutting edge technology development teams.

From the days of the C64 to the Xbox 360, he has guided the studio through numerous projects, the most ambitious being the management of the multi-award winning BigWorld technology. For the last 7 years he has been focusing on the online games market, including MMO development, games for a wider online market and innovative, alternate business models.

Steve is currently responsible for overseeing wide-ranging operational matters for the company to ensure BigWorld continues to exceed expectations in the growing global market.

Steve holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of NSW.

Steve Wang

Chief Technology Officer - Simon Hayes

Simon is a co-founder of BigWorld Pty Ltd, and an industry veteran with over 15 years experience in the games industry.

Simon is well respected in the industry and is well regarded by his peers. He is the technical director behind the multi-award winning BigWorld Technology and was instrumental in bringing the product to market. He also has over 6 published game titles to his name.

As CTO of BigWorld, Simon is the technical visionary driving the ongoing development of the BigWorld technology and guiding all technical aspects of the company’s development teams.

Simon Hayes

VP, Business Development - Gavin Longhurst

Gavin Longhurst is the VP, Business Development for BigWorld and has worked at a senior level in the animation, CG, game, broadcast and film industries. He co-founded Australia's premier animation and FX distribution business, went on to join Autodesk/Discreet as Asia Pacific 3D Animation Manager before heading up the sales and marketing division of Seeing Machines, a real-time computer vision company which listed on the London AIM stock exchange in 2005.

Gavin Longhurst